What Should I Look For When Buying Rose Quartz Jewelry? | VALUE BUYING GUIDE FOR ROSE QUARTZ JEWELRY LOVERS |

What Should I Look For When Buying Rose Quartz Jewelry? | VALUE BUYING GUIDE FOR ROSE QUARTZ JEWELRY LOVERS |

Rose Quartz is one of the popular quartz found mostly in Brazil, Madagascar, and South Dakota (USA). It has a hazy to transparent appearance and typically develops in the cores of granite pegmatites. The hue of the stone varies from light pale pink to intense hot pink caused by tiny quantities of titanium, iron, and manganese present in it.

Rose Quartz transmits gentle feminine energy of compassion and tranquility, kindness and healing, nutrition and solace. It talks directly to the Heart Chakra, healing emotional scars, anxieties, and resentments while dispersing Divine loving energy throughout the aura.

Why are people drawn to rose quartz?

Rose quartz is popular since it provides a calming and therapeutic vibe. It possesses a love and serenity energy that can help individuals feel calmer, overcome negative feelings and thoughts, and attract love and great life experiences. Most people are drawn to rose quartz at present because of:


  • Acceptance of self-love: Rose quartz attracts individuals who struggle to love themselves or embrace love from others because they do not think they are worthy of affection. It helps you to connect with your real self, learn about your basic self and appreciate it in all of its glory, and connect directly with your spiritual beliefs.
  • Heart affairs: Rose quartz attracts people who are involved in heart affairs. It is used to deal with emotional issues. It helps people learn to love themselves and heals a broken heart. It aids in the healing of childhood traumas, neglect, lack of affection, and low self-esteem. It is the most effective stone for activating the heart chakra.
  • Comfort and peace: Rose quartz keeps you at peace. You are engulfed by harmony and a sudden sense of balance. The stone cools your body and can be used in hot weather and even during high fevers.
  • Mood enhancer: When you are in depression, the quartz attracts you towards itself to help uplift your mood. If you are in a situation where there is too much heat and tension, then Rose Quartz can uplift your mood and dispel the feelings of anger.
  • A Mother’s love: Rose Quartz is a mothering gemstone, promoting self-care if one has lost their mother. It fosters bonding and is an excellent stone to lay on the belly during pregnancy. Place milk or food within a Rose Quartz circle for a few minutes to aid with colic or feeding issues.
  • Sleep: Rose Quartz is an excellent sleep stone for both adults and children since it promotes pleasant dreams while also avoiding nightmares and night terrors.

Where do you put rose quartz?

In Jewelry

Wearing jewelry serves as a gentle reminder that you are appreciated, respected, and remembered. Rose quartz is:

  1. long-lasting
  2. robust
  3. resistant to fading when exposed to heat or intense sunshine

Thus, it may be used in almost any form of jewelry. 

Rose quartz pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets are quite popular. It can also be worn in rings; however, it is more prone to scratches or breakage in this configuration. Protective settings, such as a bezel or halo, can protect the gemstone from impacts and shocks.

You can enjoy the advantages of rose quartz jewelry wherever you are, depending on your mood or situation. Wear a rose quartz necklace and keep it near your heart. When you keep the rose quartz near your heart, you will be reminded of your day’s wishes. A rose quartz ring will attract all the positive energy around, while a rose quartz bracelet will act as your connection to the beauty and serenity of your surroundings.

Pairing it with colors

  • In combination with metal colors, rose quartz is often set in rose gold tint jewelry because the two tones complement each other splendidly. 
  • The rose gold and rose quartz combination delivers a rich, refined look. 
  • Yellow gold-tone jewelry lends a vintage touch to the jewelry and creates an appealing impression. 
  • Rose quartz set in silver or white gold has a higher contrast and looks more stunning in contemporary designs.


You may put rose quarts at multiple places:

  • Next to your bed: If you have a bed side table, you may keep your rose quartz on the table when you sleep. It may also be kept under the pillow if you are comfortable sleeping that way.
  • In bath: Immerse rose quarts in your bath water and let it stay for some time. This is believed to work on water energy. You may bathe using this water.


How do you identify rose quartz​

How do you identify rose quartz?

Following are the characteristics of rose quartz that help identify it:


  • Transparency: Rose quartz rarely appears transparent, particularly when above 20-30 carats. Large rose quartz spheres seem milky at the most.
  • Asterism: Asterism is the star-stone effect. The effect seldom occurs in quartz. However, rose quartz is an exception. Because rose quartz might contain tiny rutile needle inclusions, and may sometimes display a six-rayed star when correctly cut. Some rose quartz may exhibit chatoyancy or the “cat’s eye” effect.
  • Tyndall scattering: Rose quartz is a rare gemstone that exhibits the Tyndall scattering effect- Light makes it appear blue when fine particles of the stone in proper size are suspended in a medium. This unusual effect occurs very commonly in Madagascar rose quartz.
  • Specific gravity and refractive index: Rose quartz’s color is similar to that of other famous gemstones. However, its specific gravity (2.651) and refractive index (1.544-1.553) help differentiate it from pink, sapphire, spinel, tourmaline, topaz, and kunzite. Rose quartz is occasionally marketed under the deceptive names “American Ruby” or “Bohemian Ruby.”

How can I tell if rose quartz is real?

Rose quartz is highly imitated in the market. To distinguish the real from the fake, use the following pointers:

  • Color: Rose quartz color ranges from light pink to medium-dark pink and is not available in any other color. A stone that appears bright pink or fuchsia is not considered real stone quartz. Also, a bright piece of jewelry might be dyed quartz.
  • Transparency: Rose quartz is not transparent. They are opaque due to the presence of microscopic mineral inclusions that impart a milky appearance. Rose quartz exhibiting transparency is rare. A claimed rose quartz jewelry that is comparatively transparent and costs low is fake.
  • Hardness: Rose quartz is tough, with a rating of 7 on the Mohs scale. Real stone can scratch glass or steel. If the stone cannot be cut or requires effort, it is imitated.
  • Bubbles: If a round air bubble is visible around the stone without the aid of the magnifying glass, it’s fake since real rose quartz does not possess a bubble.
  • Symmetry: Rose quartz has random shapes and is not perfectly symmetrical.
  • Swirling white streaks: The rose quartz is not completely pink. They consist of white streaks caused due to microscopic mineral inclusions from magma rock crystallization.

How can you tell if rose quartz is high quality?

High-quality rose quartz can be determined through the following:

  • Color: Rose quartz derives its name from its pink hue. The deepest colors of rose quartz are usually available in large sizes. Small quartz with a deep hue is rare.
  • Transparency: Rose quartz appears transparent because of the tiny mineral inclusions. There is rare rose quartz that is transparent. Rose quartz of the highest quality is usually transparent; thus, it’s multifaceted.
  • Cut: When cut as a cabochon, the inclusions in high-quality rose quartz can produce an asterism effect. It might also be multifaceted or made into beads.
  • Weight: Rose quartz is available in a variety of sizes that will excite gem designers and carvers. Larger-sized fashioned diamonds frequently exhibit more vivid colors.


Is rose quartz valuable?

Rose quartz is a reasonably cheap gemstone due to its abundance in nature. Because rose quartz is so common, it is not very expensive. Rose quartz that is fine and transparent is more valuable. The value will depend on the particular stone used and what is it crafted into.

  • Availability The varieties that are more abundantly available are less expensive. E.g. because it is uncommon, star rose quartz is more costly.
  • Sculptures: Being inexpensive, rose quartz is more suitable for sculpture. Based on the size and clarity, the sculpture may be valuable or less expensive.
  • Craftmanship: Superb craftsmanship in the use of even hazy rose quartz beads enhances the price of the jewelry.


What makes rose quartz valuable?

Not all rose quartz cost the same and the prices vary based on many factors. The following factors:

  1. Clarity: Clearer the rose quartz, the more expensive it will be
  2. Color: Darker the pink tone, more expensive it will be
  3. Carat: Higher carat rose quartz stone will cost more
  4. Uniformity: Stones that have a uniform color are more expensive than the ones that show gradations. This are also easy to cut into different shapes. This is because they offer uniform results in comparison to stones that have patches of different colors
  5. Natural or artificial: Since rose quartz can be synthesized artificially, you will find pieces made from lab grown rose quartz. These pieces will be cheaper than natural stones.
  6. Availability: Like we already mentioned, if it is rare, it is more expensive.

How much does rose quartz sell for?

Different types of rose quarts sell for different value. 

VariantPhysical FeaturesOriginBenefitsAverage Price
Pink Hyaline QuartzSmall prismatic crystals in clustersBohemiaPromotes love and compassion$12
Hyaline QuartzVery pale pink might be translucent or transparentBohemiaAwakens Spirituality$12
Rose Quartz ElestialMostly opaque and color ranges from very pale pink to deep pinkBrazilDevelops self-love and promotes self-improvement$330
Madagascan Rose QuartzLavender Pink ColorMadagascarHeals emotional wounds$2-$7
Strawberry Rose QuartzColor ranges from raspberry pink to light pinkMexico and AfricaLightens the dark and spread positive energy$25


For self-healing, love, and compassion, use rose quartz crystal. It is a simple approach to attain your goal. Simply open your heart and allow it to heal as its vibration echoes in your surroundings. The love energy that they emit will enhance your life, and simply being around them will offer you strong healing and powerful love energy.

You may use these stones in the bedroom to improve your relationships and increase the level of closeness. Leave them in any place where you want the melodic and soft energy to improve the mood, particularly rooms where you spend a lot of time. If going out, carry them in your pocket or purse.

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