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Your privacy is of prime importance to us and we attempt to address the protection of the same through this privacy policy.


Jewellerynerds.com is an avenue of collaboration and sharing best practices , research and information around jewelry buying, making, diamonds, gemstones etc. We do not in any way intend that we are professional jewelers, gemologists or medical experts, and do not pitch our opinions or research presentations as an alternative to professional guidance in the area.

However, there may be times when we get into collaborating with credentialed external partners, who are experts in the area. These collaborations will always be disclosed and presented in the content in a clear fashion. In the event that no such disclosures can be seen, you can assume that the presented content is based on personal opinions or views on research, and should be utilized with this in mind.

The general information presented over the website should in no way be considered as an alternative to professional and expert diagnosis, prognosis or guidance from certified medical jewelry, astrology or gemology  professionals. We urge you to never disregard , ignore or delay taking professional guidance or advice in the area, basis what you read or decipher from the content presented on this website.

Your use of the website and its content construes your agreement that you will not hold the owners, operators or the team at jewellerynerds.com responsible for any action taken or not taken by your basis the content presented over this website.

Fair Use

All external resources such as text quotes, images, videos etc. if included, has been done so with providing due credit and attribution to the owners ( as per sources identified) . In case you feel this is not the case in any any section of the content, then please let us know by writing to us at contactconsciousvillecreations@gmail.com. 

Restrictions of Use

By using this website or not, you are clearly prohibited from all of the following.

  • Using this website in any way which gets in the way of universal access of the website.
  • Using this website in any way for marketing and advertising.
  • Engage in any data mining or extraction activities without our prior consent.
  • Using the website contrary to applicable laws and/or regulations, and also with the intent or harming the website , any other user or business entity.
  • Using the website in any way which may damage or hamper it.
  • Commercializing any website material in anyway.

Certain area of the website may be restricted for access to you or any other users, and this is solely at the discretion of jewellrynerds.com and may change from time to time. 


No Warranties

The presentation of this website is “as-is” and with all faults and we at jewellrynerds.com do not present any warranties or representations of any kind related to this website or any content presented on it. In addition , no content presented on this website will be construed as anything advising you.


Limitation Of Liability

In no event shall Jewellrynerds.com , its directors, owners or team be held liable for any liability arising out of your use of this website. This includes , but is not limited to, and direct, indirect or special liability arising out of your use of the website.



Your use of the website indemnifies to full extent Jewellerynerds.com and its directors, owners , operators or team from and any/all liabilities, costs, demands, cause of action , expenses or damages etc. stemming in any way out of your breach of the terms and conditions presented.



In case any of the terms mentioned is found invalid under applicable law, such provisions shall be removed or deleted without affecting any of the others.


Variation Of Terms and Assignment

We are at the sole discretion to update these terms and conditions as we see fit, at any time. By using this website, you are deemed to be in agreement and are urged to review these terms from time to time. In case you do not agree with any of the terms, please cease usage immediately.

We are allowed and within rights to subcontract, lease , assign or transfer its rights and /or obligations under these terms at any point, without notification. However, you are not allowed to assign, subcontract or transfer your rights and /or obligations under these terms.


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